2015 Teal Season with Justin Martin - Part 2

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I wrote part 1 of my teal season blog post on the night of September 23, 2015.  I woke up like normal the next morning at 4:30 a.m. - like I do every day of teal season.  I took my dogs outside and it was very warm and humid, so my confidence about the morning took a major hit.  When I showed up at the duck hole, and Jase and I discussed how pitiful the weather was and how unlikely it was that we would do very well this morning.  We began to talk about how it had been 4 days since we had seen a movement of ducks and we knew that everyday that went by our odds of getting them would get better. But there was no way that it we would see them this morning.

Two birds lit in the decoys at legal shooting hours.  I told Si to shake the jerk string so I could tell decoys from ducks in the low light.  He did and I ground swatted the two in one shot so I thought, "Hey, things are looking up!" 10 minutes later, a group of 6 came in and we dropped 5 of the 6.  Again, things were looking up! About 10 minutes after that we look and here come 40 teal. They circled and circled and it seemed as if they were not going to fully commit and then all of a sudden they broke down over the decoys. When the smoke cleared we took 16 down in 17 shots. I only shot twice for some unknown reason. The dog retrieved all of the birds and we were laughing because that was the last thing we expected to happen this morning. 10 minutes later, it all happen again!  Knowing we only needed the 13 more, Jase and I decided to only shoot one each in this bunch.  When the smoke cleared, we had 12 on the water and we were one shy of our limit. But we were more than satisfied with that. We got out of hoping the ducks would keep coming and we would have a good shoot tomorrow morning!  When it comes to duck hunting, you have to go every chance you can because you can never be certain of the outcome!  Stay tuned for my next update -  only three days left and I will try and update daily!


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