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If you duck into West Monroe, Louisiana, to visit the warehouse and gift shop, where most of the action and antics on the show take place, you will see that the Duck Commander Warehouse is still an active part of the ongoing family business. There are great photo opportunities under the famous Duck Commander/Buck Commander sign or inside the gift shop. You will definitely want to duck into the store and grab some great Duck Commander items to remember your trip.

Store Hours

Monday - Saturday
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


The must-see exhibit will walk you through 15 galleries featuring family artifacts and pictures, set recreations and costumes from the hit television show Duck Dynasty, and will take you on a sensorial experience on a duck hunt with the Robertson Family.

From the moment guests arrive at the Duck Commander Warehouse they will be immersed in the Duck Commander environment. Once inside, each guest will learn about the history of the Robertson family, how to make a duck call, see behind-the-scenes props from A&E's "Duck Dynasty", and so much more.

Everyone is going to be flocking to engross themselves into the unique world of Duck Commander. “We wanted to create a family-oriented exhibition, perfect for all ages that would engage and entertain families and duck hunters alike.” - Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander.


We don’t offer pre-purchased tickets or reservations for groups less than 20 people — just come on in, we’ll make room for you. Tickets are available to purchase online at and on-site at the warehouse. The museum is open for self-guided walk-throughs at 9:30 a.m. and the last walk-through starts at 3:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday.

If you do have a group of 20 or more, please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to assist you.
V I S I T   W E S T   M O N R O E

Visit famous places featured on Duck Dynasty during your stay


Visit famous places featured on Duck Dynasty during your stay


Excalibur Family Fun Center

When Si takes home the $2000 gift card at Duck Commander Casino Fun Night, he selects a massage chair for the duck call room. Willie makes him take it back, and a detour to get pizza lands them at this family fun entertainment center. Si says it has the best pizza in town, but Willie wants to get back to the office. Si, the ultimate kid, finds a way to spend his winnings for a large gorilla and pizza. You don’t need that much money for a fun filled time, just have a blast playing with the family. You can climb the rock wall, challenge someone to putt-putt or laser tag, drive go-carts and play games like skeeball and whack a mole. Can you beat Uncle Si's collection of tickets for prizes?

Landry's Vineyard

Willie can grow the Duck Commander business, but he doesn’t know how to grow grapes for wine. See Landry’s Vineyard featured in Sauvignon Beard episode. This is a family owned vineyard where Jeff (the expert in the show) and Libby Landry grow, age, and bottle their own wines. The beautiful tasting room is open each Saturday and by appointment during the week. Also, a great Saturday afternoon can be spent with family enjoying their concerts in the vineyards with live music, tractor tours of the vineyard, and great Cajun cuisine. Check their website and Facebook page for dates. While there, try the Blueberry Merlot or Redneck Red. You'll want to take a bottle home with you!

Twin City Pawn Shop

Uncle Si says the pawn shop is the place to get anything fixed or replaced. When he and Jase have fun with Willie’s new gift of a Samurai sword, they break it. Like a big kid in a toy store, Si has a blast with all the items in the pawn shop. Although they couldn’t fix their mistake, you can find a little bit of everything at Twin City Pawn. Stop in and see what fun you might find.

Pepper’s Christmas Tree Farm

When Miss Kay can’t find the perfect Christmas tree on the Roberston’s Land, Phil let’s her go the “yuppie way” to a Christmas Tree Farm nearby. The Pepper family has been providing trees to our area for years. The trees are ready beginning in November, but they are growing all year round.    

Haskell's Donuts

A hot donut is one of life’s wonders according to Jase. Just down the street from the Duck Commander Warehouse/Store, you can stop in for fresh, hot donuts at Haskell's. As usual, all things with the Robertson’s develop into a competition. In “Of Matresses and Men”, a trip to get hot donuts becomes an eating contest between Si, Martin, Godwin, and Jase. As we all know, Si whooped them good. He knows a good donut, Jack! Can you eat as many as Si? There may not be a camper as a prize to win, but the donuts are worth the stop.

Tom Sanders Building Mart

A local hardware store providing building supplies to our community for years is the setting for the Redneck Challenge of a lawnmower race in The Grass & the Furious. You can stop by and take a photo or go in and see what one weapon you would want in the woods? For Willie, they don’t sell Ninja shooting stars but Jase loves the ax – “it’s his weapon of choice”. What’s your choice?

Ike Hamilton Expo Center

When Phillip McMillan puts out a Redneck Challenge to Willie “Dimples” Robertson, the lawnmower races are on! Willie and his pit crew work to beat Phillip even if it is for second to last. You see the Ike Hamilton Expo center featured as the racing location. Here, you can take a picture in front of the statue of Mr. Ike, the namesake of the building, and Doc-o-lena, his famous horse. You might luck out and catch a livestock show or event as this facility stays full of activity year round, even the occasional lawnmower race.

Corner Coffee House

When the warehouse coffee pot is busted, Jep knows where they can find their morning pick me up. The boys are looking for a regular cup of joe, but Jase orders the "strongest thing they've got." The barista serves up four double shots of espresso, and while Jase likes the coffee, he's not sure they fit in. But when the poetry reading begins, the boys hit the road. Slide into the Corner Coffee House for a great cup of coffee and one of their cupcakes, scones, muffins, or cookies. They also serve lunches with sandwiches, salads, and soups daily. If you get the espresso like the guys, you’ll perk up your day!

West Monroe Police Department

When Willie is offered a chance to "Protect and Serve," Si comes along for the ride. The boys join Officer Jim McGrew as honorary Policeman for the day. From Si calling “shotgun”, claiming the front seat, to measuring the speed of their punches, Willie's ride-along is not quite what he had hoped. That is until they catch Jase's wife, Missy, speeding by. They pull her over and Willie has a bit of fun. The West Monroe Police Department is Louisiana's first nationally accredited police agency. Be sure to drive safely and obey the speed limits or you could ride along in the back seat!

WFR Church

In “Plan Bee,” the guys build booths for the Harvest Festival at the church where they all attend. The family has fun on the grounds at Harvest Festival. See the church that the Robertson family has grown up in. In fact, the oldest only non-bearded brother, Alan, was the preacher here until called to help the family with Duck Commander's successful business.

Masur Museum of Art

When Willie wants to diversify his portfolio, he visits the Masur Museum. He looks to buy a piece of art and enjoys some wine that leads him on a new business adventure in “Sauvignon Beard.” Enjoy this local art museum and the changing exhibits.

Greg’s Body Art Tattoos & Piercings

When Jase loses his wedding band again, Willie has fun with the situation. Knowing Jase hates needles, Willie utilizes Jase’s fears to talk him into getting a tattoo for a wedding band. “Just think, you can’t lose this one” he says. If you want to join Willie’s ways of saying forever, you can get your loved ones initial on your ring finger here too. It’s up to you!

Catfish Cabin

Competition between the Robertson brothers is as common as biscuits and gravy in the South. When Willie and Jase challenge each other to “Catch and Sell” the most fish, the fun begins. Jase is much more of the harvester and Willie is the salesman.   They end up using both their expertise to succeed by selling their field of fish to David Hearn in front of a hometown favorite catfish restaurant. The Hearn family has served fried catfish for over 40 years. In the show, they caught Buffalo fish, but you won’t find that on the menu. They serve fresh farm raised catfish to give you a great taste of Northeast Louisiana, as well as many other great seafood items. Gather round the Hearn’s table, and enjoy a meal with your family and friends.

Burney’s Trend House Furniture

When Miss Kay goes furniture shopping for a new couch, she visits Burney’s. Willie is always in a hurry, but Miss Kay needs time to browse. Willie is in a hostage situation and it gets even worse as she embarrasses him by trying out mattresses with Phil in the store. Baby Boy Jep may have been the beneficiary of the couch selection, but you may find a new addition for your home. Visit this great community business with a large furniture selection.

Blue Sky Yoga

When Willie needs to lose a few pounds for his high school reunion, Korie suggests he attend Yoga with her. When he realizes his weight loss methods and chopping Jase’s firewood aren’t the answer, he tries yoga with Korie. Willie got more than he bargained for and discovered that yoga is not as easy as he thought. And Phil discovered that his boy was heading even further down the road to “Yuppieville.”

The Bridal Shop & King of Hearts

Sadie and her Mom, Korie, find her a dress for homecoming, but Willie doesn’t want his daughter to grow up. So, Willie takes her to return the dress “without enough material” and find the perfect one, but has to deal with Uncle Si and his shenanigans while vetoing everyone Sadie tries on. The Bridal Shop won’t let you drink sweet tea or dance with the mannequins, but they have a great selection of formal dresses, wedding gowns, and tuxedos. They even have the dress that Sadie selected to start with for her event. Browse around to see if you find something just right for your next special occasion. Just be thankful Willie is not shopping with you!

Art Nails and Spa

Korie and Missy are enjoying an afternoon of a pedicure and relaxation when they learn of the misconduct of their husbands.   A Robertson competition leads to some immaturity and shirking of responsibilities by Willie. For a high stakes golf contest against Jase, Willie sends Phil and Si to career day at Willie’s children’s school. Willie gets in deep trouble with Korie and deep in mud to prove he still is a redneck in “Frog in One”. He may need to send Korie back to the nail spa for a few more pedicures to get her to calm down. If you need a little pampering, drop in and put your feet up.

Grassi’s Fine Jewelry

When Missy wants Jase to replace his wedding band, they head into Grassi’s to select the “Ring Around the Redneck.” Jase doesn’t think he needs a ring to let women know he’s off the market, but he gives in and selects a gunmetal finish to fit his personal taste. His ring leads to much entertainment for his co-workers and brother in the duck call room. He may discover himself at the end of all the jokes about his manhood, with Willie chiming in. Yet, Willie pays more as Korie finds her a pair of earrings while here. You never know, something sparkly may catch your eye!

Sonny Panzico’s Garden Mart

This area garden mart is known for their huge selection of flowers. In Drag Me to Glory, Phil and Si head here to return an old grill. You won’t find grills for sale, but you will find some gorgeous flora of the region. Pick up some greenery to add to your neck of the woods!

Bayou Bowl

When Sadie and John Luke plan to bowl with friends, Mamaw Kay invites herself to tag along. After electing herself John Luke's wingman to try and help him out with the young ladies, Mamaw Kay offers her dating do’s and don'ts to her grandchildren and their friends. These kids got more than they bargained for on this bowling trip. Visit Bayou Bowl with 40 lanes, pool tables, and a grill. It is a great place to spend some time with the family, but you can skip the dating advice if you want.

ULM Football Field-Malone Stadium

When Willie lets Jase be CEO for a day, he takes the time off to train for the annual Robertson football game. Willie never does anything small, so when he trains Korie, he takes her to his alma mater’s football stadium. Home to the University of Louisiana Warhawk football, Malone Stadium is lit up for their training. On Saturday nights in the fall, the Warhawks take the field, and you can catch the action. You never know, you may catch a Robertson in the stands watching their alma mater.

Danken Trail

When Clint Bowyer comes to town to meet with Willie, the guys join Willie and Clint for lunch at this regional barbeque place. For over 30 years, they have been serving up tangy sauce on pork, beef, and sausage. You might want to try the sweeter spicy ribs that are finger licking good. Or for a twist, this is the one barbeque place that serves fried catfish, a favorite of the locals. Whichever you choose, you are sure to enjoy yourself, just like the Duck Commander guys!

Twin City Motorsports Park

Clint Bowyer drops by in “Drag Me to Glory”, and the Robertson boys turn this friendly meeting into a competition. Seeing camo limousines race is not the normal happening here, although there are many camo trucks in town belonging to the Robertson’s, as well as locals. Willie can’t beat this famous Nascar driver in the challenge, but they do have fun racing on the strip. You can join in the weekend fun from March through November. They even have mud racing on certain weekends. You can get your redneck on with all that mud slingin’!