October Lull

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This term is generally used among hunters to describe the lack of deer movement seen before the rut begins in earnest.  For duck hunters in Louisiana, it has a completely different meaning.  To waterfowlers, it refers to the time of year between our early Teal season and regular duck season.  Teal season is a great warm up but it also sort of a tease.  It only lasts for two weeks so just as you feel you are getting into the swing of things its over.  You get all the excitement built up and then nothing until mid November so we have termed the whole month of October a lull.

During this time we will deer, dove and squirrel hunt.  Most of the hunting is for deer though.  There is a reason we are waterfowlers.  We like to cut up with our buddies, eat while we hunt, and so on.  Those aspects don’t carry over to deer hunting very well.  There will be many hours spent in a tree alone.  You must be still and can’t stink - again things that don’t fit a duck hunter well.  Not to mention, mosquitoes are still very active this time of year and you can’t even swat them because a deer may see you.  To this end, thank the Lord for a Thermacell.  I do, however, take my time spent deer hunting seriously.  I run trail cams religiously (this is actually my favorite part of deer hunting).  I refuse to hunt a set if the wind is wrong.  I don’t take an ATV in the field unless it is to bait up trail cam sites.  I bait my sites the same day within the same 2 hour window every week and I base it all on the activity I see on the camera.  

This year’s trail cam running has been a lot of fun.  I have used the Buck Commander Nano by Wildgame Innovations since early September and have been pleasantly surprised with how many deer I have on my little 120 acre piece I spend most of my time hunting.  We have 5 shooter bucks and I can’t wait to catch a break from the office and the weather for my wife and I to go chase them.  Stay safe in the woods this fall and always use a safety harness and lifeline while chasing these deer.  Take care and God Bless!


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