Split's Over

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During the split here in Louisiana we always head somewhere. This time it was Arkansas.

We usually go there to hunt with W.E. "Redawg" Phillips. He moved there 14 years ago when his wife took a great job opportunity. Better still, it was close to where some guys lived that we met at the DU "Great Outdoors Festival" in Memphis. They would come every year to see us and to look around the show. They always invited us to hunt but it wasn't until W.E. moved there that we took them up on the offer.

It's a really fun place to hunt. They have rice fields, timber, and a lake in the middle of the woods fed by a bayou. It is what you call an ancestral hole. There are huge cypress trees lining the lake and the blind in the middle on the west side has been there for over 90 years. Four generations of their family have hunted out of it.  I have often wondered why they would face the blind into the morning Sun, but they explained to me that the Sun was never a factor in the old days. They would usually have their limit before the Sun got up. Plus, the ducks fly on the east side of the bayous, so they don't have to look into the Sun. When the water is low there is an old road that comes right to the back of it. During the depression farmers would drive their tractors up to the blind and get ducks from them to feed their families. 

We limited everyday and got some great footage that will be in our next DVD. Overall, it's a nostalgic place to hunt. Plus, when you arrive back to the lodge you are welcomed with hot buffet breakfast which sends you straight to the recliners for a good nap.

Stay away from the couches. They are paralyzers.  


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