Kay Robertson, Duck Commander

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Kay Robertson is the matriarch of the famous Robertson Family from the hit show, Duck Dynasty. She has been with her husband Phil for over 55 years and he calls her Miss Kay, which is now what she is known as. She worked for thirty years alongside Phil building the family business, Duck Commander, into a worldwide brand. She is known for her kindness, her sternness in managing her family and most of all her cooking skills. Her southern dishes and cast iron cooking are made with skill and love.

Miss Kay has coauthored four books, three of which are cookbooks. She has opened an eatery in West Monroe called Miss Kay’s Eats and Sweets with her oldest son, Al. The shop is a hundred year old building in downtown West Monroe and like Miss Kay herself, has a feel of charm, warmth and familiarity. The shop serves Miss Kay’s recipes such as daily made pralines, cupcakes and cookies and also serves a light lunch menu that includes homemade chicken pot pies, pulled pork sandwiches and homemade potato salad.

Miss Kay is actively involved in women’s ministry at her church and leads a group of women who are trying to come out of difficult situations like drug addiction, sex trafficking and incarcerations. Her patience and love for people shines through her work and alongside family and cooking is the passion that keeps her young. A recent poll had her in the top twenty of most loved reality television personalities.

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