Aythya Americana

We call them bay ducks, the five North American species grouped together in the genus Aythya are the canvasback, ring-necked duck, greater and lesser scaup, and redhead. They share a fondness for open, fairly deep water and dive beneath the surface to feed. Their legs are set well toward the rear of their bodies, which helps them to dive under water.

The canvasback is the largest member of this little tribe, and the ring-necked duck is the smallest. In appearance, the redhead is the one that seems to bind them all together. It resembles a scaup in the shape of its body and coloration of its bill, and it has the plumage color markings of the canvasback.

*Text sources provided by Michael McIntosh, Wild Fowl of North America, published by Brown & Bigelow Inc. St. Paul Minnesota.
Species Identification compiled by George Austin McCurry