Canada Goose
Branta Canadensis

Canada geese, regardless of race, are among the most adaptable of all waterfowl. They are grazers, grass and seed eaters of great appetite. At an average of about three pounds and not much larger than a mallard, the Cackling Canada is the smallest. At the other end of the scale, a gander of the giant, or maxima, race might weigh eighteen pounds and have a wing span of six feet or more. Between these extremes in descending order are the Richardson’s Canada, the Aleutian, Taverner’s, Lesser, Atlantic, Interior, Dusky, Vancouver, and Western.

They love winter wheat, sprouting corn, beans, oats, aquatic vegetation, and the grass on golf courses, city parks, and suburban lawns. If it’s green and grows, it’s potential food for a goose.

*Text sources provided by Michael McIntosh, Wild Fowl of North America, published by Brown & Bigelow Inc. St. Paul Minnesota.
Species Identification compiled by George Austin McCurry