Blue-Winged Teal

About ninety-five percent of North American blue-wings winter south of the United States, and some travel remarkable distances. One that was banded in Saskatchewan was shot four months later in Peru, 7,000 miles south.

Because of their early migration, a number of states hold teal-only hunting seasons in September. These early seasons can be an exercise in sweat, mosquitoes, and stifling humidity conditions suitable to confirm the old adage that you don’t have to be crazy to be a duck hunter, but it does help. Teal are extremely nimble on the wing and can fly like blazes. Exquisite both in the air and on the table, the blue-winged teal is a fine choice for any hunter.

Text sources provided by Michael McIntosh, Wild Fowl of North America, published by Brown & Bigelow Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota.
Species identification compiled by George Austin McCurry.