Ducks – it’s a passion. The Robertson men are known for hunting ducks! They love the outdoors and being in the woods. If it’s not hunting season, they are getting ready for the next season. Clearing land, planning food plots, blowing up beaver dams, hunting squirrels or anything that is in season. If your passion isn’t hunting ducks, we hope you will find whatever your passion is.

  • Gobbler Poppers


    • 2/3 cup Brown Sugar
    • 1 Tbsp Chili Powder
    • Honey
    • Turkey cut into 1” cubes
    • Bacon cut into thirds
    • toothpicks


    Preheat oven to 350º. Spray both the top and bottom of broiler pan (or regular pan if you don’t have a broiler pan) thoroughly with cooking spray for easier clean up. Cut turkey into 1” cubes and bacon into thirds and set...

  • Finding Joy

    Happy Easter from our family to yours.

    We wanted to bring you an encouraging message this Easter to help find joy in this strange circumstance.

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  • Quarantine Crappie Recipe


    • 15 fish filets
    • Salt to taste
    • Pepper to taste (about 2 Tbs)
    • 5 heaping spoonfuls of sour cream
    • 3-3 1/2 cups of flour
    • Duck Commander Original or Zesty Seasoning
    • Peanut Oil


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  • Social Distancing 101 with Uncle Si

    Uncle Si is still alive and kicking. He's just been "busy" practicing social distancing. 

    Get your Social Distancing Tees:


  • Martin's SECRET Bass Pond


    We're trading our shotguns for fishing rods in this week's episode. Martin shows his secret bass pond full of HUGE bass. 

    Need bait?

  • How to Keep Your Reeds from Sticking


    Jay Stone is one of our resident duck call specialists and is a whiz at troubleshooting. On Tune Up Tuesday, we will be answering our top duck call questions. If you have a question that you would like...

  • Get the Most Out of Your Shotgun

    Well, here we are again. It is the most anticipated week of the year for duck hunters in Northeast LA. We are on the cusp of yet another season and anticipation is high due to the early cold fronts. As we begin to get all of our gear ready, it is important to not forget about arguably the most important piece of equipment….your shotgun.

    Knowing your weapon inside and out is key to being a successful hunter. This does not just mean how it works and all moving parts. How does...

  • Friends, Family and the Outdoors

    All weekends are nice, but when your wife tells you that she wants to go archery hunting, now that’s special.

    My wife, Paula, shot her bow with me for years in the yard but never actually hunted. Mainly because we had a daughter at home. Well, the daughter is grown, so Paula has decided that she wants to archery hunt now. Last year, she got backstraps so she’s hooked.

    We had planned this weekend for a while with my good friend, Jeff Smith. He owns Leland Lures and is an...

  • Deer Hunting Ain’t so Bad After All

    My time at Seven J Outfitters in 2019 has come to an end. Like always I like to use my flight from Rapid City to Dallas to really reflect on the week. As I type this, I don’t think the magnitude of the week has fully set in. In my 6 years of coming here, this one without a doubt has been the best and not just because of the deer hunting. 


    I came into this week with a completely different mindset than I ever had before. In the past, I had...

  • Tips for Realistic Decoy Spreads

    Just calling is not enough.

    To look realistic to ducks, you need decoys and calls. It would be troubling to have a Gadwall sound without a visual. It seems unnatural for the duck to hear the call but not see the duck with the sound.

    In the last 10...