Family – it’s not a choice, it’s who God chooses for you! We have been blessed to have a wonderful family – not perfect, but wonderful! We love to spend time with one another eating, laughing, working and playing together. We do life together as a family. We wouldn’t have it any other way! We hope you enjoy some of the insights we share about our family.

  • Titanic Explorer G. Michael Harris And Robertson Family Unite To Create Blockbuster Exhibition Duck Commander: The Experience

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    CLEARWATER, Fla. – January 20, 2015 - Duck Commander, Inc. and GEX, LLC are excited to announce they have united to create the highly anticipated ‘Blockbuster’ exhibition,...

  • A Note From Alan

    Expert from Happy, Happy, Happy

    Out of the many memorable lines and quotes I have heard from my dad through the years, the one that always seems to stand out the most is “Son, don’t ever tell people how good or great you are at something; let them tell you.” For a man who has achieved his own level of greatness in the eyes of so many, those words were both prophetic and wise. To be the best at anything, one has to have a lot of confidence and a certain amount of ego and drive...

  • A Note From Jase

    An Expert from Happy, Happy, Happy 

    I’m the second son of Phil and Kay Robertson. Si (Phil’s youngest brother) named me on the riverbank. Si went to the river to tell Phil that Kay was having a baby. I’ve always heard that Phil’s response was something to the effect of, “What do you want me to do about it?” Si asked him, “What do you want to name him?” Phil replied, “Name him after you.” So I was given the name Jason Silas Robertson. Maybe that’s why Si and I love to argue so...

  • A Note From Jep

    I guess growing up in the Robertson household was like growing up in a lot of America households. Since I was really young, we were skinning fish, cleaning squirrels, and picking dewberries. They were everyday events. Okay, so maybe my upbringing was a little atypical. I do think I had it a little easier than my older brothers, since dad had repented by the time I was born. I remember getting up early in the summers and going with Dad to run the nets. He would even let me drive the boat...

  • A Note From Willie

    I’m happy I get to write about my dad when I’m older in life. The older I get, the more I’m starting to realize how great he really is. Not great because of all of his many accomplishments, but because of who he is and how he had lived his life. I know he has not always been what he wanted to be in file, but all of us have made mistakes; it’s how we deal with them that makes us great or not. Dad spent much of his younger years searching for something. When he found it, he sold out for what...