One of the fascinating facts about mallard hens is that they are all a bit different in tone and cadence when they quack. With all Duck Commander calls the tone and pitch of the various models of mallard hen calls come from years of listening to different sounding mallards. For whatever reason, different tones are more effective from day to day in ever changing weather conditions of a hunting season. Steve Schultz from Washington State has been a lifelong friend of the Robertson family. He is one of the greatest duck callers in the world and Jase tells a story of the first time they met - he was surprised Steve didn’t have actual feathers coming forth from his body to accompany the sounds of the duck call. Jase and Steve had many conversations about inventing a triple reed call that has a low end for quacks and the feed chuckle and a higher/clearer end for the hail call. It was difficult to try and make three reeds work together and still be easy to use. Jase tried and tested many variables for months that finally produced the Triple Threat duck call that is truly one of a kind. The Triple Threat is very easy to use and provides something different when late season ducks become wary. This call has become Jase’s favorite to use.