This ain't your Granddaddy's Cut Down.

In the beginning, Phil Robertson didn’t have the selection of calls to choose from that hunters enjoy today. He had a basic duck call that needed tweaking - they had to be “Cut Down”. Phil’s Cut Down became so legendary that his design and creation led to Duck Commander calls.

Duck hunting is often best in the windy, rainy, nasty, frigid weather. This is the heart of the Cut Down 2.0. The Cut Down 2.0 is similar to the old Cut Down that requires a skillful caller. More control of wind and tone is a must with this call. It has been engineered and tuned to require less pressure than the old Cut Down, but still is an advanced call that every salty water-fowler will quickly love – especially when they need it most. This call has extreme range; It can ring when needed or can be milked down to nothing.


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