“Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.”—Psalm 143:8

At the Heart of it: Spend time loving your family

When you hear someone mention “Family Devotional time” you may groan and roll your eyes knowing the reaction your kids will have. Kids sometimes dread those awkward moments when we try to plan` a spiritual activity. As a parent, you may not be a Bible scholar, a praise leader, or a trained speaker, so it is natural that you may feel self-conscious trying to lead a devotional in front of your kids. You may feel ill at ease at best and completely embarrassed at worst. It may be best to have only a few of these planned devotionals and instead include your spiritual training of your kids into your  routine daily lives.

For instance: cuddle on the couch before bedtime and talk about all the ways that God blessed you during the day. Say a prayer for grandpa or a family friend together to ask for God’s healing hand. Talk about what their Bible class lesson at church focused on. Talk to your teen about the youth group’s mission effort and how it is affecting his life. And begin your day reading an encouraging Psalm around the kitchen table together. Simple ways that mean a lot as you love your family and help them focus on God.

Take Action: Try out one of the activities above with your kids this week and do something at least once a week that gives focused attention to spiritual matters. Sure, expect a little resistance, but soon it will become a normal family activity.

—from Dr. Joneal Kirby (Korie’s Aunt)