Gadwall ducks have always been viewed by hunters as a bit unpredictable, erratic, and hard to call. There have been jokes from the Robertsons that the Gadwall is the ‘crazy Uncle Si’ of the duck family. The truth about Gadwalls is they are unique—the drakes do most of the talking. The Gadwall hen will do a three note, high pitch hail call much like a mallard hen, but the buzz sounds of the drake are way more prevalent in the wild. The Gadwall call came about one day in the duck blind when Jase was calling at a high group of ducks that were mixed with mallards and pintails. He was switching back and forth between a mallard hen call and a pintail whistle. In an instant, he inadvertently and simultaneously blew the two calls. The sound that came forth likened to the buzz of a Gadwall drake. Phil heard the sound and after the hunt glued a version of the two calls together. Even though the sound was exact, Phil and Jase decided to test the call for results for the remainder of the hunting season using Gadwall decoys to represent the utterances from the call. The results were astounding and the Gadwall call was born. The call is very easy to use and proved that Gadwalls were not as crazy as hunters thought, but merely more comfortable when being called and decoyed by their own species.