The quack of a real Mallard does not echo. As duck call builders we describe this phenomenon as a ‘flat’, ‘nasally’ sound. Some scientists claim a ducks quack actually does echo but it is an ‘auditory illusion’, meaning the quack echoes just nothing hears it. Through the years Duck Commander has invented many calls that produced this non-echo flat sound. The frustration was that these calls were difficult to operate—especially for beginners —and required a lot of skill, practice, and air-control. The pursuit to have a call that was nasally and easy to blow produced the Duck Picker. The prototype for the Duck Picker was sent in for mass-duplication via injection molding and the samples that returned were not as desired. During the process to get the call right, a batch of samples came in that were mistakes per the ‘adjustment plan’ but these mistakes became the masterpieces they are today -which is why Phil repeatedly claims the Duck Picker as his favorite. The making of the call has become mysterious in that there were three things that happened by accident in the testing process that became essential to the sound, and those happenstances became top secret. The secrets are known only by Phil and Jase.