John Luke Robertson, Duck Commander

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The oldest son of Korie and Willie Robertson, 18-year-old John Luke strives to be all the Robertson family name represents. During his high school years, John Luke has proven himself as a leader in his church youth group and at his school. He has served as president of his class the past two years, is on the track team, and plays for the tennis team. His summers are busy with mission trips and working at a Christian youth camp. John Luke takes after his Papaw Phil in many ways, two of which are his love of the outdoors and his love for teaching others about Jesus. John Luke speaks at youth events encouraging young people to live the life God plans for them.



Wrecking things

Favorite celebrity: 
Rebecca Lo-Robertson

Do you have any Tattoos?
I wish

Favorite Color: 
Greenish blue eyes

Favorite TV show: 
Duck Dynasty

Favorite book: 
The Bible with The Hobbit in second

Favorite bible verse: 
John 3:16 and Luke 9:23

Most Influential person:
Bob Goff

What is one word your best friend would use to describe you? 

What’s one thing you want your fans to know? 
I'm not as dumb as I look

Weirdest thing that has ever happened when signing autographs? 
One of my friends almost got tazed for slapping my butt.

Strangest gift someone has given you? 
Voodoo doll from a fan (I left it on table where she put it)

What do you want to do after Duck Dynasty?
Probably look for another job.

Favorite sport to play?

Favorite sport to watch? 
USA playing soccer

Favorite holiday:

Family traditions: 
Beach trip

What type of music do you listen to?
The good kind

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